November 23, 2016
November 23, 2016

Badger’s Bluff

Badger’s Bluff

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Badger’s Bluff Fresh Cut American Whiskey combined over 140 years of distilling history with a contemporary edge. When it came to advertising their product, they teamed up with Sydney based advertising agency The Royal, who worked with Loud Crowd music to provide the TV commercial jingles. Badger’s Bluff had briefed The Royal agency to give the brand an edgy and young vibe. Experts in the field of music for advertising and TV jingles, the team at Loud Crowd Music composed original music that perfectly reflects both the brief and the brand.

A TV Jingle to Reinforce Your Brand

Taking inspiration from way back in 1868, when James Ripy founded the Cliff Springs Distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River and that famous rogue –  the American badger, Badger’s Bluff took a new angle on American Whiskey – Fresh Cut American Whiskey. The history and traditions were transplanted from the USA to urban Australia. The creative film shows a group of friends riding a penny farthing bike on a BMX ramp, reinforcing the message of old traditions being given a new edge. The TV jingle composed for this advert continues to reinforce this same message. Influenced by the music from the deep south of the USA, the music track has a modern Blues feel.

The music at the start is calm as the group of friends make their way to the industrial unit where the BMX ramp is housed – sustained notes with some pitch bends, and guitar riffs which instantly recall American musical traditions. As the excitement builds and they get closer the music picks up as some driving rhythms start to kick in. Subtleties in the music track in these early stages show just how effective original composition is for jingle TV. The sync points – those places where the music changes to reflect changes in the cinematography – are expertly matched. Sophisticated and understated, this art of matching changes visually and audibly adds considerably to advertisement. As the focus on the screen moves from those cycling to a man driving his car, the dynamic of the music softens, reflecting the closed in nature of the car. After many failed attempts, the rider of the penny farthing finally manages to get both wheels over the ramp and the music and excitement builds. In celebration, an increasing group of friends head off for a drink. The music again supports and enhances this celebratory mood, whilst maintaining a consistency to the brief, brand philosophy and previous music in the advert. The sounds of America and the Blues continue to be heard in urban Australia.

Jingle TV – Commission Your Work.

This creative sound track, expertly matched to the story and action of the TV commercial, shows exactly what Loud Crowd Music do best: They’re experts at harnessing the emotional power of music to increase the impact of advertisements. Music, when used carefully is one of the most powerful tools there is to connect with customers. Increasing the emotional pull of the advertisement increases the effect of the advertisement on the consumer and makes it more memorable. The Badger’s Bluff commercial shows just how effective music composed especially for your particular advert can be at enhancing an advert in a way that just isn’t possible by laying stock production music over a commercial. When you need jingles TV, work with Loud Crowd Music and join the ever growing list of companies who’ve benefited from their expertise.

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