Voiceover Recording and Sound Design

Record your voice over or sound design project with experienced, award wining audio engineers and producers. Be assured of the best quality results, ready for broadcast with UPWARD studios.

UPWARD have specialized award winning audio engineers and producers with years of experience to record your next voice over session, or sound design project. UPWARD Studios is available for corporate and advertising production. We achieve the highest standards for online and broadcast quality work.

Having a great script and great ideas is the start of the process. Join us at UPWARD Studios to turn your great ideas into high quality, professionally produced artistic pieces of work. Working with UPWARD Studios leaves you with only the highest quality in voice over and sound design projects.


Suave and sophisticated sound design is what Upward Studios does best. Crafted Moves is all that and more ,watch this teaser for Habitus Townhomes 'Crafted Moves'
Title: Crafted Moves
Branding Agency: Caravan
Visual Content Agency: Burninghouse
Client: Beulah International

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Sushi Sushi

This advertisement creates an ethereal, magical and almost nostalgic mood, connecting ancient traditions to the convenience required by the modern world. UPWARD Studios demonstrate their expertise in this striking advertisement. The carefully selected musical timbres, matched perfectly to the cinematography take the viewer on a journey that respects the traditions and history of sushi and relates this to a modern day setting where this fine food can conveniently be enjoyed. The music skilfully enhances the well recorded sound of the voice over artist.

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Big 4 Caravans offer caravan park holidays across Australia. UPWARD Studios wrote the music for a great commercial for this national company. The voice over suggests holiday features that you may think more likely in a high end hotel, while the film shows these things being enjoyed in the peaceful natural environment of a caravan park. UPWARD produced a sound track that reinforces the message of quality, in a clam and peaceful natural environment.

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Why Choose Our Studio?

We understand exactly what’s required to make the perfect voice over recording, and that there’s much more involved than simply speaking into a microphone. Our team of experts are highly skilled and experienced in producing only the highest quality work. Combine this with the excellent facilities at UPWARD Studios and you have a winning formula.
A voice over recording has the potential to become the voice of your brand, heard online, on TV and radio. With the potential for such a wide reach, make sure that you sound your very best by choosing UPWARD Studios. Contact us today to find out more.
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