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July 6, 2017

Sound Design Studio That Ensures Your Brand Stands Out

UPWARD Studios, located in Melbourne, Australia is an award winning music studio offering a full range of musical, production and recording services. UPWARD Studios is led by the award winning composer, producer, arranger and active performer Robert Upward. As a performer, Robert has enjoyed considerable chart and radio air play success, most notably as part of electronic dance music act emaar. His has written, co-written and produced for a number of global artists and is highly sought after for his work as a composer, particularly in the world of music for film, TV and advertising. Robert has a string of award and nomination credits to his name from APRA and AACTA. He also serves as a juror for the AACTA Awards and is an advisor for APRA.

Robert is highly skilled and experienced in the specialized area of composing music for advertising. Music holds a unique power when it comes to connecting with your audience and customer base. Music will connect directly to listeners on an emotional level, creating a strong and lasting impression. The stronger the connection you are able to build with your customers, as we all know, the more likely they are to progress through the sales cycle from initial interest in your product to sale and brand loyalty. Put simply, music is one of the most powerful tools there is to build a connection and make your brand memorable. While it may be possible – and cheaper – to use stock music for your advertisement, the reality is that this just isn’t going to have the same impact as if you choose to commission music composed especially for your advertisement. By commissioning UPWARD Studios to compose music, you can be sure of a sound track for your advertisement that’s perfectly matched to your cinematography and storylines, and reinforces your company ethos.

When Chemist Warehouse needed sound design for their commercial, they turned to UPWARD Studios. The aim of the commercial was to raise awareness of Chemist Warehouse’s support for indigenous football initiatives. The commercial is a fusion of parts – the voice over recording is enhanced and supported by both the visuals and the music, subtle at first and building towards the end of the advertisement. “You’ve got dreams, you need total commitment to reach your goals” we hear as the voiceover starts, accompanied by subtle musical undertones. An indigenous footballer can be seen practicing kicking goals. As the footballer is seen to be more successful with the support of the Chemist Warehouse initiative, growing achievement in an academic programme and victoriously kicking the football cleanly through the goal posts, the music also builds and becomes more prominent, supporting the triumphant mood of the advertisement at this stage. The percussion builds and the modern hip hop rhythmical feel that has been in the background is now clear to all. Written as a bespoke commission, the music and sound design enhances the commercial in a manner far exceeding what would have been capable using stock music, it’s an integral part, essential to the overall success of the advertisement.

Robert has written the music for adverts for a wide range of clients – many big name companies both nationally and internationally. Companies who’ve trusted UPWARD Studios to get just the right music for their advertising campaigns include L’Oreal, Big 4 Carvans, Toyota and Kia. In 2016 Robert’s song ‘It’s Got It All’ written for Country Racing Victoria’s TV commercial of the same name was nominated for the AACTA Best Music For an Advertisement Award.

Robert is also well known for his work for TV and film, where he is a respected composer. Producing contemporary scores that enhance the message and storylines, Robert has written the music for a number of feature films and documentaries and his work can also often be heard on TV programmes, such as the long running drama Home and Away. Creative vision, experience and a professional approach to ensure artistic projects are delivered on time are just some of the reasons that Robert has had the honour to compose for such an impressive and diverse range of projects over a number of years. Film credits include Fatal Honeymoon and the feature documentary Molly Meldrum the Real Deal.

Robert and the team at UPWARD Studios have worked with a range of recording and performing artists. Services on offer include vocal recording and producing, song writing services and collaborations. With years of experience combined with their passion and skill mean that it’s a team you’d be hard placed to beat. You can be sure that all of their experience will be at your disposal to give you the best possible result, whatever your project. This means that whether it’s your first time in the studio to lay down some tracks, or you’ve be in the game for years, the UPWARD studios team is there to ensure you realize your creative dream. Artists who have chosen UPWARD Studios as their studio of choice include Maya, Shelley Segal, Slinkee Mix and Elise and the Vibe. Maya first rose to fame on TV talent show ‘The Voice’. She’s got a long musical heritage, having begun performing on stage with her father when she was still a young girl. Mixing a broad and eclectic range of musical influences from Lauren Hill to Ella Fitzgerald, Robert has co-written, produced and mentored Maya for a number of years, and continues to do so as she prepares to release her next single.  Shelley Segal is another artist who’s chosen to maintain a long term working relationship with UPWARD Studios because of the quality of the studios and the work that they produce. Segal is an Australian singer songwriter, now based in LA who’s in high demand as a touring performer and she’s certainly no stranger to radio airplay.

If you require time in a professional studio, top quality sound engineers, song writing collaboration, recoding and production or are looking to commission originally composed music for any type of project, contact UPWARD Studios and you too can benefit from their expertise, dedication and professionalism.



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