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Allow your songs to be given the professional treatment they deserve. UPWARD Studio’s award winning composers, arrangers, producers and sound engineers are here to provide unbeatable quality in recording and producing.

Give your songs the professional treatment and respect they deserve. At UPWARD Studios, a team of professionals with industry knowledge and expertise will arrange, record and produce your music. If it’s your first time in the studio, or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to make sure you achieve your creative vision. Call us for a free consultation today, and we’ll start making your music come alive!

UPWARD Studios are winners of multiple sound engineering awards and include APRA nominated composers as part of the team.

We work with a range of artists, covering all musical genres. Check out some of our musical collaborations below


Here is the first EP from Yöulk- HOW TO TELL THEM APART Yöulk embody the subtle endorphin rush you can get from stretching your limbs in the sunshine. A seemingly effortless bliss quantified by their timeless, chilled out disco tunes. Dashes of Scandinavian electronica over warm disco house at a laid-back pace. This is lifestyle music for the reclining classes. By the pool or the bar Yöulk set the tone.

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Shelley Segal

Mercurial voice and eclectic sound” (The Brag) genre defying singer-songwriter Shelley Segal creates a space for her listeners. A space for people to engage with ideas, to question and to reflect on the everyday – to see its layers, its depth, its meaning.

Desirous of all expressions, Shelley flirts with elements of jazz, folk, pop, blues, reggae and electronica, imparting a pure joy about music and its power. The spirited singer has been “creating a ripple effect with her melodic vocals, heartfelt passion, thought-provoking lyrics” (Leona Devaz, Weekend Notes) Shelley’s first single, folk protest song ‘Saved’ has become an anthem for grass-roots secular activists.

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Elise and the Vibe
(Elise Kausman)

“Riverside” is a sultry throwback of soul and R & B that builds slowly to a cavalcade of aural delights, only to return back to a smoke filled room of uncertainty. Weaving back and forth between influences such as Gospel, Stax, Motown, and Rhythm and Blues, it’s haunting but powerful effect throughout is definitely a winner. Elsie’s voice mirrors the pain she has gone through, and as the smoke clears, the song dissipates.

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Slinkee Minx

All girl pop group Slinky Mix are best known for their version of Summer Rain, which hit No.1 in the Australian charts. Seamlessly fusing electronica with their own distinct anthemic, powerhouse vocals the girls have regularly used UPWARD Studios to record their vocals. Slinkee Mix have toured extensively and charted in dance music charts globally. UPWARD Studios produced a chill out version of their single Lift Me Up (Summer Chill Mix)

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MAYA - Sinners

Maya came to fame after appearing as a contestant on The Voice. Since then, UPWARD Studios has had the pleasure of recording, producing and songwriting for Maya. Hailing from a musical family, Maya started performing at the age of 8, improvising the Blues on stage with her father. Influenced by legendary musical icons such as Lauryn Hill, Hendrix, Zepplin, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin whose impact can be heard through Maya’s strong jazzy and soulful voice. Maya has enjoyed airtime on Triple J, a top 30 chart position and performances in New York.

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Electronic music act emaar have developed a unique sound and style, covering commercial dance, ectro-pop and even vocal ballads and dark club music. To date the music of emaar has featured on radio playlists all over Australia. Reaching top ten nationally. The club remixes have been part of DJ playlists ( including Tiesto, Van Burren, Cosmic Gate) and dance parties all over the world. With over 40 commercial releases, including Gods kitchen and Ministry of sound, emaar were also a finalist in the dance/electronica category of the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards in the US and semi-finalist in the 2014 International Song Competition. emaar's new single Breathe charted in the Top 10 Kiss FM Dance Charts.

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Why Choose Our Studio?

You’ve worked hard to create a song that you’re proud of, now it’s time to take the next step. UPWARD Studios are experts in the field of recording and producing. We’ll work with you to ensure that you are end up with the perfect recording of an excellently produced song. With recording and producing by UPWARD Studios, you’ll be sure of fantastic end results every time.
This may be your first time in the studio, or you may have been cutting tracks for years. Whatever your level of experience, UPWARD Studios is here to make sure you get the very best possible recording. Contact us today to discuss your needs, we’d love to help.
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