Music for Advertising

Having worked with some of the biggest global brands, the team at UPWARD and their partners know exactly how to harness the emotional power of music to add impact to your advertisement.

UPWARD Studios has composed and recorded music for advertising campaigns for many major global brands. ‘It’s Got It All’, a song written for Country Racing’s advertisement of the same name was nominated for the APRA Screen Music Awards, Best Music for and Advertisement category 2016. Music has a powerful emotional impact - harnessed correctly, this power can dramatically increase the impact of your advertisement. The emotional connection that is forged by the music to your product or service makes your advertisement more memorable, and its appeal stronger.

At UPWARD Studios we understand that every product and service, and therefore every advertisement is different. This means that the style and genre of music needs to be perfectly matched to your particular needs. UPWARD Studios deliver powerful bespoke musical soundtracks to dramatically enhance the impact of your advertisement.

Country Racing

Upward Studios produced an exceptional piece of music and creative sound design for Country Music Victoria’s commercial ‘It’s Got It All’. The advertising agency Balance were partners for this project. Robert was inspired by country music sounds for this project and the song provides uplifting and inspiring sound design to accompany the advert. The music reflects the true essence of a country lifestyle and enhances the cinematography to provide a remarkable piece of art. ‘It’s Got It All’ for Country Racing Victoria has been nominated in the ‘Best Music for an Advertisement’ category for the APRA Screen Music Awards 2016.

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Big 4 Caravans offer caravan park holidays across Australia. UPWARD Studios wrote the music for a great commercial for this national company. The voice over suggests holiday features that you may think more likely in a high end hotel, while the film shows these things being enjoyed in the peaceful natural environment of a caravan park. UPWARD produced a sound track that reinforces the message of quality, in a clam and peaceful natural environment.

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Why Choose Our Studio?

We work collaboratively with an extensive range of talented musicians, crafting jingles, soundscapes and unique musical compositions that are carefully matched to the products and services being advertised. Our work connects with customers on an emotional level, increasing the impact of your advertisement.
When it comes to music for advertising, we’ve been trusted with producing the music for some of the biggest international brands and our successes recognised with multiple awards and nominations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.
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