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Experts in the field of composing and producing music for TV and film, UPWARD studios provide original music and soundscapes to perfectly enhance your cinematography. Contemporary, beautiful and effective music that’s perfectly matched to the story you’re telling.

UPWARD Studios are experts in composing music for film and TV. Our composers and arrangers will provide modern, beautiful and cutting edge scores that are perfectly matched to the cinematography and storylines. Our scores for film and TV deliver and support the emotion and intent of the story being told. UPWARD Studios work closely with directors and producers, working within budgets to produce high quality work of which we are all proud.

UPWARD Studios composes music for a wide variety of TV and film projects. From documentaries to feature films and TV dramas, you can be sure of a soundtrack that stands out from the crowd and gives your work that extra edge. Check below to see some of the projects we’re proud to have composed for.

Feature Films

Fatal Honeymoon-

Based on a true story, Fatal Honeymoon staring Harvey Keitel tells the shocking story and controversy surrounding a newlywed who tragically dies on her dream honeymoon and the subsequent investigation as to whether or not her husband was guilty of killing her.

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Centre Place

Centre Place is a sophisticated romantic drama featuring Melbourne's style, fashion and culture. Set in the very European boutiques, cafes and bars of Melbourne's inner lane-ways the film focuses on the highs and lows of aspiring artist Lizzie Baxter.

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Molly Meldrumn
The real Thing | Documentary aired Seven Network

This documentary covers the famous players in music, film, sport, and business that orbit Molly Meldrum’s extraordinary life. It’s a documentary with heart, and a whole lotta soul. All killer. No filler. The audience will laugh, cry, and hear stories never told before, by the people actually there.

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Immigration Nation
AACTA nominated documentary aired on SBS network

A landmark series that explores Australia's untold immigration story; a century long struggle to overcome the White Australia Policy that resulted in one of the world's most multicultural nations. It dissects a paradox fundamental to the creation of the Australian nation. While our founding fathers trumpeted their idealism in setting up a working man’s paradise, this utopia explicitly excluded the overwhelming majority of the world’s population on the basis of race.

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Why Choose Our Studio?

Music holds tremendous power to enhance and create moods and emotions in film and TV. Music connects instantly on an emotional level, reinforcing the story being told. Carefully crafted underscoring and soundscapes can dramatically enhance the impact of what’s being seen on the screen.
Take advantage of the skills and experience of the award winning experts at UPWARD Studios to produce the music for your next film or TV project. We’ll compose bespoke music for your needs. Call us today to discuss your needs.
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