Sound Design
July 6, 2017
September 26, 2017


In the world of advertising we wrote a suave and sophisticated piece of music for Habitus Townhomes called Crafted Moves. The client was Beulah International; the Branding Agency, Caravan and the Visual Content Agency was Burninghouse. The advertisement stars Melbourne’s own Alex Rance. Rance is a four time All-Australian ALF player, a one time All Australian AFL captain and a winner of Richmond’s best-and-fairest award. He is currently Richmond’s co-vice captain and did a sterling job on this little teaser.

All sound design and foley are bespoke sounds carefully crafted to compliment the cinematic vision. every instrument recorded at Upward studios  – the instruments have been meticulously recorded and treated.  eg, giving the trumpet a sultry haunting sound.  – the brushes of the drums as they mark and sync to the vision, giving hints as what is to come.  The big re verb on the piano giving a big warehouse feel, filled with mystery and intrigue.

the sound effects of footsteps, the chalk on the floor and Alex’s slide all complementing the emotion and mystery of the vision, completing a great teaser for what is to come.


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