A shout out to Robert Upward
December 19, 2016
APRA 2016 Screen Music Awards
December 19, 2016

Composer Nominee for APRA Awards – Robert Upward

Robert Upward, of UPWARD studios composed an exceptional piece of music for Country Music Victoria’s commercial ‘It’s Got It All’. UPWARD Studios partnered with the advertising agency Balance this project.  Inspired by country music sounds, Robert composed a song which is both inspiring and uplifting to perfectly accompany the advert. Demonstrating his phenomenal skills as a composer, the music reflects the true essence of an Australian country lifestyle, enhancing the cinematography to provide a remarkable piece of art. Robert and the team at UPWARD Studios were absolutely delighted that this piece of music won a nomination for the 2016 APRA Screen Music Awards Award for Best Music for and Advertisement.

With a 90-year history, APRA is one of the most prestigious organizations representing musicians and their work in Australia. The APRA Screen Music Awards are held in conjunction with The Australian Guild of Screen Composers. Robert’s nomination for such a distinguished award pays testament to his remarkable abilities as a composer in advertising and other film based genres.

composer of multiple awards both in Australia and globally. Robert Upward StudiosA lady sits in a tree watching the sun rise –  as the adverts opens – and the dew reflects from a spider’s web on a fence. On the coast, a deserted beach invites a surfer to enjoy some while inland a sheep farmer takes in the peace and tranquility as he starts to tend to his flock for the day. At the start of the song, guitar and mouth organ are the instruments chosen and these two instrumental timbres perfectly reflect the country lifestyle. The music builds, reflecting the mounting excitement of the day ahead and attention is also drawn to the positive lyrics –  I see the light as it shines, as it breaks from the dawn. Shining down on me, shining down. I can see this day, I can feel this day, it’s got it all.

Australia’s Leading Music Composer

Continuing the country music influence, guitar riffs also create in the listeners mind the impressions of a galloping horse. The story now moves to the races; glamour comes to the country as the races provide a community focal point both socially and for the sport of racing and love of horses. Reflecting the stylish and elegant dresses of the ladies at the races, a beautiful violin melody is added to the music. This subtle addition maintains the ever present nod to country music influences and there’s also a touch of nostalgia, so often associated with country life. The climax of the advertisement and the day is the main race of the day. After this the peace and calm return. A single figure can be seen walking away from the camera next to a tree as the sun sets on the horizon.

See the range of songwriting projects from Robert Upward Studios. Many tracks have seen national radio play and had enormous success due to the quality of work constantly produced by this award winning team of music artists

The outstanding quality of It’s Got It All was recognised by APRA, winning a nomination in the 2016 APRA Screen Music Awards for Best Music for and Advertisement. With a 90 year history, the APRA Screen Music Awards are held in association with The Australian Guild of Screen Composers. For a composer, recognition by these prestigious organisations such as these is a true testament to the quality of their work. The APRA nomination is one of number of similar awards and nominations that Robert has been honored with. These include MADC Awards –  Sound Engineering, Golden Stylus Awards – Best Sound in Advertising (Grand Prix), and he is four-time winner of the Australian Writers and and Art Directors Awards for Best Sound Design.

Robert heads up the team of professional composers, producers recording engineers and sound technicians at UPWARD studios. If you are looking for a composer to produce an exceptional piece of music for your advertisement, you know that you’ll be working with the very best in the industry. UPWARD Studios also offers a full range range of services including recording and producing, composing for TV and Film and music for advertising.

Robert Upward Studios will ensure your next music project meets the highest standards in the industry. Their team are dedicated to your needs and will work with you on every aspect of your requirements. Call our studio today and let’s discuss how we can work together.



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